Welcome to, Pure Caffeine is a trading name for Oxford Vitality. 

Why Choose Us?

Here at Pure Caffeine we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality products at the most affordable prices. We wanted to bring a new approach to buying personal and wholesale quantities of caffeine. From having the choice between tablets and powder to making huge savings whilst purchasing in bulk, we give you the choices.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Oxford Vitality always strive to be the best vitamins and supplements provider and because of this, the environment is a massive priority. This is why, through extended effort, we hope that we will achieve carbon positive status by 2018.

Furthermore, Oxford Vitality are working with the charity Life For African Mothers in order to provide pre-natal dietary supplements to mothers in West Coast Africa.

Life for African Mothers is a charity that gives African Mothers the healthcare that is needed for when they give birth, due to their location, they are unable to be given the treatment that is needed during birth. Because Oxford Vitality are providing pre-natal supplements to the Life For African Mothers Foundation, African Mothers have a good chance of surviving the birth of a child.

On a quarterly basis, every 3 months, the whole of the Oxford Vitality company participate in blood donations. Giving blood means that people who are having operations have a large supply of blood because they may lose a lot of their own and the body cannot work without blood to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Without donations of blood, operations will not be able to be carried out, thus causing the national death toll to rise considerably, so giving blood ensures that people who need to have life-saving operations can without an issue because blood will always be there for them.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

We buy in bulk. Simple! This means that we can pass on our savings to you the customer. We also do all of our manufacturing and packaging in house the means that we can ensure the highest quality whilst keeping the prices as low as we do.

Best Quality

We search for the best suppliers of pure caffeine powder and then manufacture it ourselves.


We are based online therefore our doors are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means day or night you can shop with us.

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